WIndow Check-In

January 16, 2024
The Windows Check-in process is to create an Entry ID. Entry IDs are a record to permit a vehicle (a tractor-trailer or box-truck) or container to enter the facility yard. These contain Check-in time and dock, the equipment, driver information, and the Receipt Notification (RN) numbers.

Creating a new Entry ID

1. Navigate to Warehouse Management (WMS) → Window Check In → Entry List.

2. Click Create Entry.

3. Select the check box for the type of entry:

  • Live Load—Outbound orders where a trailer or container is loaded at the facility
  • Live Delivery—Inbound orders where a trailer or container is offloading at the facility
  • Pick Up Hook—No-touch freight service; a tractor arrives and picks up or drops off a trailer without loading or unloading
  • Dropoff—Delivery at the gate, such as USPS and other delivery services
  • Parking—Check this box if the vehicle or container is to be parked at the yard.
  • Visitor—One-time guest
  • Other—Any entry not covered by the other choices

4. Click OK.

5. Click Yes in the dialog box.

6. Enter the Carrier Info:

  1. MC/DOT: vehicle’s MC/DOT number
  2. Carrier: name of the carrier (example: FEDX_CG for FedEx ground)
  3. Driver Name: driver’s name from the driver’s license (example: Steve Jimenez)
  4. Driver License (required): driver’s license number (example: A3452341)
  5. Driver Phone: cell phone number to contact the driver
  6. Equipment Type (required): type of vehicle or vehicle/trailer combination
  7. Tractor (required for all except Drop-Offs): Name or license plate number of the vehicle (example: 6UNI123), or the train ID
  8. Container: the container ID
  9. Trailer: trailer’s license plate
  10. Seal Number: Seal number of the container

7. Click Continue.

8. In the Activity tab, type an RN in the Type to search Receipt or Load box, then click the RN in the results list. You can use a partial search by entering “RN-”.

9. Click Continue.

10. In the Tasks tab, select:

  • Assignee: a worker
  • Dock: an available dock

11. In the Description box, describe the task.

12. Click CHECK IN.

13. Click OK in the confirmation window.

The new Entry ID has been created. The assignee’s mobile app will receive a notification of the Receive Task.

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