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December 15, 2023

Moving Items from One Pallet to Another

To move inventory navigate to More → Inventory Control → Inventory Movement.

Tap a movement option:

REGULAR MOVEMENT: move an item from one pallet to another based on the LP or Item.

1. Tap the Scan Barcode icon and scan the pallet or type the Pallet ID or Location in that box.

2. If you are going to move all of the items on the pallet to another pallet, toggle Collect All Qty to On or change the Collect Qty for each item to the amount that you will move.

3. Collect the inventory and tap COLLECT.

4. Drop the inventory on the new pallet.

5. Scan the destination location.

6. Scan the drop to LP or print a new LP. The target LP should be with the same item as the collected item.

BATCH MOVEMENT: move a pallet list or picked or loaded pallet to another location based on the LP, DN, Picked Ticket, or Load.

1. Scan LP list or DN# or Pick Ticket ID or Load#.

2. Scan target location.

3. Press "Movement" to move the inventory.

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