Getting Started

Inventory Management

Getting Started
January 26, 2024


To begin inventory management visit System Configuration and configure the following:

1. Facility Setup. Required for defining your facility.

2. Location Setup. Required for defining dock and inventory locations.

3. User setup. Required for defining users, roles, permissions, and assigning users tasks.

4. Item setup. Required for defining inventory items.

5. Printer setup. Required to print labels used to track inventory.

Inventory Management Overview

1. Inventory Movement allows inventory to move between locations.

2. Cycle Counts maintain Inventory accuracy.

3. Inventory Adjustment corrects discrepancies by either adjusting in or out inventory based on circumstance.

4. Inventory Consolidation pools inventory from various locations into one location, or combines partial pallets together.

Inventory Management Workflows

Inventory Transfer Workflow

Inventory Adjustment Workflow

Cycle Count Workflow

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