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January 29, 2024

View Orders

1. Search orders by entering any of the parameters in the search bar and clicking the search icon.

2. Filter orders by All, Ready, Processing, Shipped, Canceled, and Hold.

  • Ready - Orders ready to be worked.
  • Processing - Orders currently in work.
  • Shipped - Orders shipped out.
  • Cancelled - Orders canceled.
  • Hold - Orders on hold.

3. View a specific order by clicking on its Order ID.

4. In the Order ID page you can view all information relating to the order including:

  • Billing address.
  • Shipping address.
  • Status.
  • Items and Packages in the order.
  • Order cost.
  • Extra fields.

New Order

1. To create a new order navigate to Order List -> Action -> New Order.

2. Enter billing information.

3. Enter Shipping information.

4. Click + Add Product to add products to the order.

5. Enter Product information, then click Add Product.

6. Click Save Order to finalize the new order.

Ship Order

1. Select an order from the order list.

2. Click Create Label.

3. Here you can group items into separate packages for shipment.

4. Click Add package.

5. Click Add items, to add items to the package.

6. Confirm Item QTY and Serial Number if needed.

7. Click Add Item.

8. Select Package Dimensions (Custom or Flat Rate).

9. Enter Package dimensions.

10. Click Print Label.

11. Click Ship Order.

12. Enter Carrier, Service, and tracking No.

13. Click Print Shipping Label.

14. Click Ship Order.

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