Put Away Task

December 14, 2023
The Put Away task is the final step in the Inbound process, where the offloaded items are moved to the designated storage area. Depending on the customer, this step may be merged with the Receive task. The warehouse staff do not have to wait for the Receive task to be completed before starting the Put Away task.

1. Tap Tasks.

2. Tap the task in the list.

3. Tap Start Put Away.

4. Tap Pallet Summary.

5. Tap the Work tab. the method of put away depends on the location type:

Regular location:

  1. Scan the location’s barcode.
  2. Tap SUBMIT.

HLP location:

  1. Scan the location’s barcode.
  2. Tap + Add Item.
  3. Tap SCAN ITEM and scan the item.
  4. Tap ADD.
  5. Scan any additional items.
  6. Tap SUBMIT.

6. If a serial number is required, a message in red appears below the item.

  1. Tap SCAN SN.
  2. Tap the Scan Barcode icon and scan the item.
  3. Scan the serial numbers of all of the other items, then tap SAVE.
  4. Tap SUBMIT.

7. If there are more items to add, tap + ADD ITEM. If not, tap SUBMIT.

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