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December 14, 2023
Perform Inventory Counts Across a Facility

Locations Without Inventory

If a location contains no inventory:

1. Enter or scan the location. Select the Empty Location check box.

2. Take a photo of the empty location.

3. Continue to the next location.


5. Tap Submit.

Locations With Inventory

Counting inventory by the item's UPC allows you to count by either Case or Each. Inventory counts may include scanning the serial number of each item. To perform an inventory count:

1. Enter or scan the location of the item.

2. If the items are on a pallet, enter or scan the pallet ID.

3. Are you are counting by the item's Opera8 ID or buy its SKU?

  • To use the item's Opera8 ID:
  • Tap Count by Item ID (SKU).
  • Scan the item's SKU or type its ID in the Enter or Scan Item ID (SKU) box.
  • To use the UPC on item's packaging:
  • Tap Count by UPC.
  • Depending on the UOM, scan the item's UPC or type it in the appropriate box:
  • EACH: use the Enter or Scan UPC for Each box.
  • CASE: use the Enter or Scan UPC for Case box.

4. Add any optional information. Note: "Title" is often used to select one of a customer's brands.

5. Enter the item count in the Enter Qty box. If you need to scan the serial number of each item, the message "SN is required for this item" will appear in red. Tap Scan and follow the procedure for scanning serial numbers.

6. Select the UOM in the Select UOM box.  

7. When you complete the count, tap OPEN ACTION PANEL.

8. Tap Submit.  

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