System Configuration

Shipping Account Setup

System Configuration
December 21, 2023
Before you can ship small parcel orders, you’ll need to set up carrier accounts for your customers, then set up shipping accounts for the supported small parcel shipping services.

To set up a carrier account for a customer:

  1. Navigate to Foundation Data → Shipping Account → Carrier Account.
  2. Click Add Carrier Account.
  3. Select a Carrier from that list.
  4. Type the Account Number in that box.
  5. Fill in any other information.
  6. Click Save.
  7. On the Carrier Account List page, elect a Carrier and click Search.
  8. In the row for the carrier account, click Add Shipping Account Setting.
    A new tab or window opens.
  9. Select a Customer, Carrier, and Facility.
  10. Fill in any other information.
  11. Click Save.

To set up shipping accounts with the shipping services that Opera8 supports, see Third Party Integration.

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