Inventory Commitment

December 14, 2023
Commit Inventory to an order preventing shortages during the picking process.

Inventory Commitment locks inventory that will be picked for an order. This prevents issues and shortages during the picking process, as these issues become visible prior to processing the order.

Before committing inventory, have this information available:

Status (Open, Imported, Committed, Planned, Loaded, or Shipped)
Order Type (Dropship or Regular Order)
Source (EDI, DTS, or Manual)

A major reason for DNs failing or being canceled is not having enough inventory to support the order. Before building a commitment, check the amount of inventory first.

To Commit Inventory:

1. Navigate to Warehouse (WMS) → Outbound → Inventory Commitment.
The list shows all of the DNs and their current statuses.

2. Click Build Commitment.

3. Type the DN number planned for inventory commitment into the search bar, then click Commit.

4. Make a note of the automatically-assigned Batch Commitment Number for future use.

5. Click Submit.

6. Confirm that the inventory commitment status is Committed. If it is Blocked of Failed, determine the cause of the problem and retry committing the inventory.

Common Blockers include:

  • Lack of available inventory - Requires receiving or restocking inventory to available locations.
  • Inventory is in a locked location - Requires moving inventory to an available location.
  • Inventory is already committed to another Order - Requires cancelation of previous order, or receiving/restocking more inventory to an available location.

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